Synergetic Play Therapy

Synergetic Play Therapy is all about integration; integration of play, of relationship, and of energy.

From what is present on the outside, to what is happening on the inside, I meet children where they are at and connect in a way that feels comfortable and meaningful for them. Drawing on the principles of Synergetic Play Therapy, my goal is to help kids better understand and connect to themselves, so they can relate better with others. With healthy attachment and increased confidence, kids are enabled to grow into the best version of themselves at school, home, and in their future adult lives.

Young girl playing synergetic play therapy

In an SPT session, my own attunement to my internal systems empowers your child to attune to their own. A synergy of systems is formed and this is where we begin to work together. By maintaining an authentic and supportive connection, your child is given space to move towards the uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and body sensations that they might not have been able to move towards as easily on their own. Toys and play become a platform for children to explore their perceived challenges as energy and emotions arise. With this comes an invitation to shift these perceptions, ultimately empowering them to become more in touch with their authentic self.  From here, we notice concerning behaviours or symptoms reduce, as your child learns how to manage their emotions, make healthy choices, connect, and work better with others.

Older youth/adolescents benefit from therapy as well, adapted to meet them at their level on the road to adulthood. Drawing on my background as a youth outreach worker, I use a combination of experience and skills to help youth learn to skillfully navigate the problems they are facing– inside, online, at school, home, or on the streets. With practical tools and a safe, confidential place to talk about whatever they are thinking or feeling,  I help you keep your teen safe and on the path to healthy development.

Toys on chair in play therapy centre

As parents and caregivers, I am here for you too.

I honour the courage you have demonstrated in seeking support. As the most valuable people in your children’s lives, I want to include you every step of the way. While your kids do their work in session, I offer parallel parent counselling/coaching sessions that help you learn as well, giving you the confidence and skills to support your child’s progress, all while respecting client confidentiality. I want to make this process as helpful and possible for you and your family as I can, and offer specialized care, knowledge, resources, and flexible options.

I received my Level 2 Certificate in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy from the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (SPI). Brighteyes Therapy Center is not an agent of SPI or affiliated.