Ki Speer counsellor RSW
Kí Speer, MSW RSW (they/them)

I’m Kí (pronounced “Kai”) and my goal is to help you rediscover this sense of wholeness, self assurance, and deep connection from which you can live fully and pursue whatever inspires you.

With a passion for community-centred healing, a penchant for creative solutions, and a taste for nerdy science stuff, I bring my unique experience and enthusiasm to the Comox Valley. I am a proud Social Worker and honoured by the privilege it is to do this work.

After a decade working frontline in communities across Greater Vancouver, I completed my Masters of Clinical Social Work at the University of Calgary in 2013. Ever since, I have dedicated my time and practice to truly trauma-informed care, rooted in social justice ethics and deep respect for my clients.

The therapy I provide empowers you, my client, in your capacity to heal, grow and make choices for yourself and your life. I don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. I do believe in the importance of creating an intentionally safe and accessible space for all, with a diverse range of helpful options. Respect for who you are, where you come from, what you face, and your strengths, is at the heart of my work.

Healing begins here.

I am here to support you, your child or family as a whole as you navigate the challenges that come with being a human being on this planet. And I can’t wait to meet you. 

Mother and child hugging at the beach

I meet you where you are.

While I am here to offer insight and suggestions, my aim is to facilitate your own personal process as you set the course toward achieving your goals. I work with you to co-create a roadmap that is specific to you and your needs, offering tools and support along the way.

A wholeful approach.

I work from an understanding that humans have fully interconnected systems of mind, body and spirit. Using current evidence-based approaches, such as Direct Neurofeedback, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Synergetic Play Therapy , we can work together to find deeper healing, greater emotional awareness, and an increased ability to connect. From here, you will likely find that day-to-day living gets easier to manage and enjoy as you gain mastery over yourself. No matter your age, self-mastery is possible.

This same approach helps kids too!

I am clinically trained to work with clients of all ages and I absolutely love to work with children and youth! As a Certified Synergetic Play TherapistTM, I meet your child where they’re at and provide in-the-moment guidance to help them learn how to process and manage their emotions, skillfully, reduce anxiety and solve life’s challenges.

A little more about me.

I started my career in 2006 working frontline in not-for-profit community agencies across Greater Vancouver. I met children, youth and families where they were at — literally in their homes, schools or community spaces, and offered practical support that was meaningful and helpful to them as they were working hard to not just survive but thrive. Working within the public system had its pros and limitations. One of the persistent challenges that motivated me to create my own practice was desire to move beyond ‘band-aid’ solutions, when it seems that was all that was funded. I found myself repeatedly frustrated by the seemingly limited resources and options available for counselling. Even more so, it seemed there was a complete inaccessibility of more therapeutic options for people with complex health needs. Frustration turned to gratitude for this challenge, as it encouraged me to become more resourceful, creative, and turned me into a powerful advocate. 

My practice became an effort to bridge the gaps in community care through education, awareness and accessibility. This continues today, as I provide support to my clients’ navigating complex social and healthcare systems, constantly advocating for their needs and rights. I am in your corner. 

A commitment to community.

My passion for community-centred care and collaboration remains strong today. I continue to actively engage with local non-profits and organizations committed to shared values and ethics. This includes my participation in the diverse Comox Valley Children and Youth Matter Committee. Together, we brought the Foundry to Courtenay. With our Resilience Campaign, we taught first-responders, doctors and hundreds of other citizens how to better care for people impacted by trauma and reduce risk. We also provided free education and resources to young families to help reduce parental stress and shelter children. Every month, we meet and work to increase support for children, youth and families in our community. 

Agender person holding plant while gardening

I work with all people!

With great respect for all identities, orientations and walks of life.

  • Children and Teens
    • Trouble at school
    • Bullying
    • Social skills
    • Emotional control/regulation
    • Self-esteem/confidence
    • Grief and loss
    • Change in family structure
    • Separation/Divorce
    • Attachment parenting
    • Parenting teens
    • Gifted children
    • Highly Sensitive kids
    • Sensory Processing challenges
    • Anxiety/Depression
    • Trauma
    • Abuse
    • Adoption
    • High risk behaviours
    • Suicidality
    • Addictions
    • Gaming
    • ADD/ADHD
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder/Aspergers
    • Coping skills
    • Communication
    • Gender, identity, sexuality, LGBTQ2SIA+
    • Child development
    • You name it!
  • Adults
    • Any type of psychological or emotional health concern or life challenge
    • Treatment for trauma recovery, including Complex PTSD and  developmental or attachment trauma
  • Relationships
    • Any kind
    • Help to work on communication or emotional roadblocks
  • Families
    • Communication
    • Co-existing in a healthy, loving way that reflects your family’s unique values, traits and strengths

In case you were more curious.

A few fun facts about me:

  1. I summited over 200 big mountain backcountry peaks in five years between Pemberton and the Rocky Mountains. Since moving to Vancouver Island, I found my chill; but can often be found running or walking forest trails. 
  2. I love to dance and cannot live without music. I also used to play the drums and was the only ‘girl’ drummer in my high school band. 
  3. In my former life, I loved drama. I acted in several theatre and film productions. These days, my worst fear is having to give a presentation or speak in front of groups! 
  4. My cat’s name is Nyala, with a silent ‘y’. 
  5. I am gender-fluid/non-binary and very 🌈