“Prior to working with Ki, I was seriously contemplating ending my marriage…my husband and I were very disconnected, I was totally stressed out and burnt out in managing everything, and I couldn’t handle my husband’s depression any longer…within a few weeks of couple’s counselling and HPN, things started to shift…my husband’s depression lifted, my stress level reduced, and we were more connected…we have fun together again and work more as a team in parenting our kids. Ki really helped us to get in touch with ourselves, see our blind spots, and change the way we were relating to each other. We started to take better care of ourselves and then we were also our better selves with our kids. Ki helped us to learn how to understand and connect with our children better, as we did with each other…The HPN worked like magic to support us in getting here, and the effects have been lasting. Six months ago, I couldn’t imagine a life with my husband not having clinical depression, but that’s no longer a part of our lives. Today, we are in a new, happier place and things continue to get better…” – M.A., Former Client.

“Ki is a professional and knowledgeable individual whom I highly recommend. A great person to work with, Ki understands the significant barriers that impact the lives of vulnerable youth and their families. Her support has made a positive difference in the lives of so many youth dealing with major life challenges.” – Janet Goosney, Professional Colleague.

“Ki worked with my daughter as a Youth and Family Development Worker for a period of two years. She had an amazing ability to connect with my daughter and to support her even when she was completely disconnected from the adult world at large. Ki maintained the delicate balance between client confidentiality and keeping me, the parent, in loop so as to have faith that all would work out. It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that Ki helped me as a parent build my back bone to deal with a completely unmanageable situation with my teen.

I would highly recommend Ki for any work relating to youth and families.” – Deb Little, Former Client.

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