Healing through Body, Mind and Relationships

“Integration is at the heart of well-being…With an integrated system, our lives become flexible, adaptive, coherent, energized, and stable. Without integration, the flow of our minds moves toward rigidity or chaos…Our minds have an innate movement toward integration and healing that may often be blocked after trauma. Releasing this drive toward well-being is a central goal of psychotherapy that enables the creation of integrated states that establish adaptive self-regulation…neural integration, a coherent mind, and empathic relationships form three sides of a triangle of mental health that can be seen as the focus of healing in the process of psychotherapy.” ~ Pat Ogden, et al. 2005

What We Do

At Brighteyes Therapy Center, we believe in an integrated, ‘whole-person’ approach to therapy, where wellbeing is promoted from within, supported through transformed relationships, and enacted from an empowered place in society.

Current mainstream practice places heavy emphasis on brief therapy that aims at trying to change ones thoughts and behaviours to achieve happiness and success. We believe this only scratches the surface or offers temporary solutions for people, at best. With our trauma-informed, integrated, person-honoring practice, we offer the potential for healing and transformation on a deeper level, and a new experience of life.


What if mental health was more than a state of mind or genetic predisposition…?

Mental illness is not your fault. There is nothing wrong with you. Each one of us has the potential to experience depression and anxiety at times, and most of us do, to varying degrees. There are a number of environmental and social factors that have an impact on our wellbeing and can alter the balance in our brains and thoughts. Just as we have to take care of other parts of our physical selves through diet, lifestyle and medical attention to physical wounds and illness, so do we need to take care of our brains for psychological wellbeing and optimal cognitive functioning. Until recently, our options for doing so have been limited; but after 20 years of research in neurobiology, incredible tools and effective therapies have been developed.  Clarity Direct Neurofeedback (CDN) technology is among those at the forefront of this, and Brighteyes Therapy Center is the first in Western Canada to make it more easily available to you.

Expand your options and get well…

What if it were possible to become well, beyond surface solutions and means to cope…?

These approaches offer just that.

what we do 2

Reboot your Brain – Restore your Mind – Reconnect with Others– Enjoy your Life

About Rates

We charge standard professional rates for those without financial barriers and/or eligible extended health plans.

Sessions with a Registered Social Worker are considered by the government to be an ‘essential service’ and, therefore, payment of tax is not required. Receipts are tax deductible.

It is important to us that financial barriers do not prevent people from seeking and accessing help. Talk with us and we will work with you to ensure that you can access therapy.