Imagine feeling comfortable in your own skin, more at ease in your mind, and confident to be your full self.

Ki Speer Counsellor

Hi, I'm Kí

As a clinically trained Registered Social Worker I am here to support you, your partner, child or family as you navigate the challenges that come with being a human being on this planet. 

My approach to therapy is firmly grounded in relationship, attentive to your unique needs and circumstance, and always evolving to draw upon the most up-to-date and relevant professional research. In collaboration with your existing support system and community, I will work with you toward your wellness goals, honouring your interconnected systems of mind, body, spirit, and relationships.

I work with all people, with great respect for all identities, orientations and walks of life.

Whether you are a parent seeking tools to help your child process their emotions, reduce anxiety and solve life’s challenges, or an adult looking for help to cope and heal, I am committed to meeting you where you’re at and tailoring a treatment program specific to your needs. My training and practice are centred on the following somatic, evidence-based approaches:

Direct Neurofeedback

Offers relief from symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, traumatic brain injury (TBI), ptsd, addiction, add, and adhd by utilizing extremely low-strength electromagnetic currents to disrupt frozen, stuck, and repeating neural patterns and help the brain re-establish healthy ones. As the first clinician trained and certified in Western Canada, and a leader in the field, I am uniquely qualified to administer Direct Neurofeedback therapy.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Uses the body’s signals to deepen your understanding of yourself and those around you. By attuning to sensation, posture, gesture, and the way we move, we are able to tap into stories that can be difficult to articulate verbally – especially surrounding trauma. Learn to self-soothe, create meaningful relationships with others, and make positive life changes aligned with your values by connecting to your nervous system.

Synergetic Play Therapy

Helps children by using toys and play as a platform to explore their challenges and work through whatever energy and emotions may arise. This leading approach to play therapy allows us to connect in a way that is comfortable, meaningful and supportive for children. It help them to better understand and connect to themselves, so that they can better relate to others.

Let's Connect.

Whether you have a question about booking an appointment (which you can do here ), would like to learn more about the work I do, or are curious about what to expect in a session with me – I would love to hear from you.